Friday, August 10, 2012

Chukka, anyone?

While out on my exploratory real estate hunt yesterday I stumbled across something most unexpected in this neck of the woods - a polo club. The Big Horn Polo Club, located just south of Sheridan, adds a touch of sophistication to the cowboy scene in north-east Wyoming; and what’s even more surprising is that the club has been in existence since 1898, with the club at one time being the premier polo operation in the world. 

The polo fields are located at the stunning Big Horn Equestrian Centre, a world-class facility with gorgeous stabling and three immaculately maintained polo fields in the shadow of the mountains. I just thought I’d poke around the Centre, but was delighted to find a game in process, horses thundering over the emerald pitch and handsome riders in full flight. There were probably around 50 or so spectators there, some in the bleachers listening to the commentary, others ‘tailgating’ in their SUVs or picnicking on the grass.

This was the first time since I’ve been in the area that I’ve heard languages other than English being spoken - there was a group of Italian women, as well as some Spanish speakers who were probably associated in some way with several players hailing from Argentina.

It was certainly refreshing to find a different culture thriving in the heart of ranch country; and judging by the quality of the horse flesh on display, this is no hokey western version of the game, but a serious contender on the US polo scene. In fact, the Big Horn Polo Club is one of only three in the US to offer high-goal polo.

The matches are free for spectators, and I certainly recommend it as a fascinating insight into a Sheridan subculture. Games are played thoughout the summer months on Sunday and Thursday, with some Friday night games and mid-week practice sessions.

Furthermore, I think this may be the place to go to find a rich, horse-loving husband...

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  1. I like that. However I just want Billy just the way he is.