Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wyoming's Got Talent

Of all the activities at Paradise Ranch, there’s one that always catches me by surprise and actually tugs at my heartstrings without fail. 

The Talent Show. Sounds diabolical, right? Wyoming’s Got (Absolutely No) Talent? Well, that’s what you’d expect. But every week I drag my feet along to this event, only to leave not just entertained, but feeling like the world is a better place. True story.

Take this week’s offerings, for instance. Who would have thought a four-year-old girl’s hoola hoop display would be so goddamn awe-inspiring? Or how an eight-year old’s word-perfect rendition of an Adele song would have me laughing (at the inappropriateness of the lyrics) and shaking my head in disbelief (that she could actually remember every single word). 

                                  (Sophie doing the hippy hippy shake)

Other highlights: The Burkhardt families goofy three-act melodrama, complete with props and costumes ... little Leo singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, with the whole audience joining in... the Nydick girls’ cool ukelele version of You and I ... and Meg’s family’s heartwrenching acapella hymn for their grandmother. 

                                   (Clay gives Leo encouragement)
(the Burkhardts getting fresh!)
                                     (the Roach girls sing like angels)

Even the crew’s offerings wound me up this week, with Morgan’s violin accompaniment to Billy’s cowboy poem adding an extra dimension, and Aaron’s always hilarious fractured fairytales making me realise I’m really gonna miss this place and its crazy characters.

                                         (Morgan and Billy)

I don’t know why, but USA, you are a nation of entertainers! Australians in general are less inclined to show off their talents; rather than singing out loud and proud, we either break down in nervous giggles, mumble into our chins or refuse to get up on stage at all. Americans don’t seem to mind making fools of themselves; and in the process, only impress with their sense of humour, spunk and talent. Thanks for the laughter, the tears and the memories...

                                     (the Burkhardt clan - boo hiss, applaud!)

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