Monday, June 4, 2012

Hang onto ya hats...

Well, I'm here ... Paradise Ranch, Wyoming! I've been dreaming about coming back here since I first visited two years ago, and finally I have the opportunity to spend more than two days here ... I'm here for two months! During that time I'm planning on writing a daily blog, profiling guest activities, the Paradise crew, more about this beautiful part of the world and my own musings on cowboys, horses and life down on the ranch.

It's early days yet - please bear with me while I fiddle with layout, design and content! But if you can, please 'like' and share to increase traffic to my humble l'il ol' blog!

(By the way, until I get my own photography up and running on this blog, I'm indebted to the talents of the wonderful Ramona Swift, who has taken many of the photos I'll be featuring. It's big shoes to fill, Ramona - not sure how I'll beat the lead image of the galloping horses!)

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