Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kids in Paradise

Happy kids, happy parents, they say ... and that certainly seems to be the case here at Paradise Ranch. With the children happily ensconsed in the kids’ club program - doing everything from fishing to riding, crafts to treasure hunts - parents can relax into their own routine, with the freedom to go on all-day rides or simply to chill out.

“I have no idea where my son is and I really don’t care,” one mother told me at lunch yesterday. Knowing your child is in safe hands, around other kids their own age and being entertained is a huge weight off parents’ minds, and its great to see the stress of everyday life and responsibility drop off over the course of a week.
I hung out with the children yesterday as they fished in the Paradise ponds, learning how to cast, watching intently as the fish nibbled at the bait, then squealing with delight as they reeled in a catch. Kids’ program staff Meg and Tink were on hand to help out, as well as patient fishing guides Zac and Sean who passed on style tips and advice.

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