Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another week ends...

Another week comes to an end at Paradise Ranch; this week’s guests are checking out, and this afternoon a new bunch of dudes arrive. All is quiet on the ranch at the moment; though behind the scenes, the crew are busy preparing for the new week; housekeeping are overturning all the cabins, making sure they are fresh and clean, Sarah is polishing the saloon floor is preparation for another week of dancing, and the maintenance staff is going about their business, watering the lawns and generally keeping everything in shape.
Meanwhile, it’s wranglers and horses day off, taking a well-deserved breather before it all starts again...

                            (the horses head out to North Pasture for the day off)
It was actually quite sad to farewell the guests this morning; they were a fantastic bunch, many of them repeat guests who have been coming for years and created a close bond with both staff and other guests. The camaraderie this week was palpable; such warmth and love, a real extended family atmosphere. And of course, being July 4 week, it was jam-packed anyway, with the highlight the lunchtime picnic and field events on Independence Day.
The week concluded yesterday with the ever-popular kids’ rodeo, followed by an epic square dance in the saloon, both guests and crew stomping up a storm.
I’ll leave you with some images from the rodeo, which had its share of drama: wranglers Hollie and Quannah were unceremoniously dumped by their bucking steed during the Rescue Race, while the wranglers race was also hardcore, with Leah showing the guys just what a tough contender she is ... you go girl!

                         (5-year old Haley sings the National Anthem)
                                       (Scary clown Billy)
                               (Hollie and Quannah about to hit the dust...)

                                 (Leah wins the wranglers' race)

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