Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Happy Place

Just when I think I’m starting to get to know this countryside, it throws up new surprises. Yesterday I went riding on a trail called New Mesa, which takes you up over Hunter Mesa, down the far side, along a spectacular ridge towards the road, then back up the hill to the ranch.
I rode out with my fellow Aussie chick Sally - we were determined to have a ride, just the two of us, before she leaves on Saturday - and I left the choice of trails up to her. “Just take me somewhere pretty,” I said. Well, she didn’t disappoint - the views from the mesa are breathtaking, while the winding, precarious trail into the ponderosa pine-peppered valley is simply divine: dramatic, wild and silent.

                                   (Sally and Phoenix on the mesa)

                                    (the view into the valley)

                                         (Andy and I on the edge of the ridge)

                                        (heading back to the top)

Also plenty of opportunities to let fly ... which we did... thanks, Sal! I’ll miss you!

                           (our happy place - on the back of a horse!)

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