Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Morning glory

Some things are worth blogging about twice ... and although I’ve already raved about the sunrise hike to Fan Rock, I can’t reiterate enough what an invigorating and heart-pumping start to the day it is.
Around 10 guests and crew met at 5am this morning outside the dining room to make the trek up the hill, the sky clear and blue after last night’s welcome storm. As usual, I was the slouch of the group, using my photography (and not my general unfitness) as my excuse for lagging at the back. 

It was a totally glorious, cloud-free sunrise from the rocky outcrop, with the first rays illuminating the few remaining patches of snow on the Big Horns. And as the ranch came to life under the wan sunshine, we were all delighted to see a moose wander out from the trees and into the marsh, the first one we’ve seen in a few weeks. 
After a coffee and cinnamon cake fix, we headed back down the hill to breakfast, pausing to watch three white-tail deer bounding through the creek like playful puppies, clearly rejoicing in the morning as much as we were. Truly a special way to start another day in Paradise...

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