Sunday, July 1, 2012

Schoolhouse ride

One of my favourite rides at Paradise Ranch is the Schoolhouse trail, which leads over Hunter Mesa and down to Clear Creek, over a bridge and past a couple of hunting lodges, back up to another hillside with spectacular views of the Big Horn Range, then back along the infamous Roller Coaster, a long uphill trail with dips and curves (hence the name) which gives you the opportunity to let fly and eat dust.

Both horses and riders absolutely love this fang up the hill, though it does require you to hang on and keep balanced.

                       (going down Roller Coaster - not quite so scary!)

My friend Katherine filmed this lope up another hill on this trail - and while it's not as dramatic (or heart-stopping) as Roller Coaster, it does give some idea of just how much fun you can have on horseback!

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