Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kids' Stuff, Part 2

Continuing on the kiddy theme, today I’m writing about arguably one of the stupidest activities at the ranch, chicken chasing. The brainchild of our rather nutty children’s counsellor Meg, this Saturday morning madness has become one of the most popular spectator sports at the ranch, with parents lining the round-pen fence to watch their kids get an early start on animal abuse.

I’m joking, of course - no animals are injured in the course of this event, and if anything, the Paradise hens are getting quite used to being picked up. And there’s some chicken lovin’ involved as well, with the chooks getting their fair share of gentle pats.

Meg has devised several ridiculous chicken games, starting with the classic, 'Catch the Chicken'. Self explanatory, really. This is followed by her take on the children’s game, ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ ... only it’s ‘Duck, Duck, Chicken', with the chosen child having to chase a chicken and catch it, bringing it back to the circle before the other kid.

Finally, there’s a slightly insane game called ‘Chicken in a Hen House’. The children pair up, a larger child and a little one, then they run around before having to do one of five pair positions: Lovers Leap (a piggy back), Chicken in a Hen House (the little one kneels on the big kids’ back), Chicken Bridge (hands joined in the air), Escaping Chicken (little one goes between the big one’s legs) ... and of course, Chase the Chicken. The last pair who completes the task is eliminated. 

For the record, the Paradise chickens are given a big feed of grain and put into their palatial hen house at the end of the event. They love it. Trust me.

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