Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cowboys and Indians

“There’s one rule - no mud on the photographer!”
Yeah, right. What are the chances of that when 18 teenagers are flinging mud with abandon, intent on making as much mess as possible?
Paradise Ranch’s weekly ‘Cowboys and Indians’ mud fight is ridiculous fun for the young guests, a chance to get down and dirty without getting into trouble. 
It all starts off innocently enough, with the kids mounted on their ponies for a half-hour ride to the mud pool. Warpaint on the horses’ rumps and their own faces may be an indicator of the battle to come, however...

Following First Loop trail, we arrive at the mud pool where the kids are divided into two teams, one on each side of the mud. With me safely (yeah, right) hiding behind the trees, the battle begins, a free-for-all fest of mud and muck. Wrangler Sally is the ringleader, showing her true-blue Aussie colours by giving as good as she takes. At the end of the fight, she is definitely the filthiest, covered in black mud from head to toe and in every orifice ...

In the final moments of battle, it all comes down to equality, with those who managed to come through relatively unscathed being hunted down and pounded with mud.Thank you, camera, for sparing me this fate!

(washing off in the creek afterwards)

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