Monday, July 9, 2012

Cabin fever

I’ve been lucky enough to spend most of my time here at the ranch in one of the guest cabins, putting off my inevitable move into the crew cabin we lovingly call ‘The Unibomber’ ... which is as rustic as it sounds, but cosy and comfortable in a slightly squishy way. Fortunately, my upcoming roomie Casey is TOTALLY AWESOME and I love her to bits, and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather be in embarrassingly close quarters with...

                    (my roomie Casey Case, with the equally goofy wrangler Ben)

Having said that, I do so appreciate the comfort of the guest cabins, which combine old-style western log-cabin charm with modern luxuries and conveniences. Each one is self-contained, with kitchenettes, dining areas, lounge rooms, open fireplaces and en suite bathrooms. The two bedroom cabins have laundry facilities, and each cabin looks out over the valley towards Fan Rock, with decks and balconies soaking in the views.

Most of my stay I’ve occupied a one-bedroom cabin called Honeymoon Cabin (sadly, I’ve let the cabin down in terms of honeymoon action, if you know what I mean...) I became quite attached to this little place, as did some of my fellow crew members who sought solitude and solace in my bathtub, and company over a glass of wine in my lounge room. I loved working out on its sunny front porch, and its location was incredibly convenient to the office, the barn and the dining room. And the saloon, of course, is just stumbling distance across the way. And best of all, this cabin has wi-fi from three servers, making it the most reliable place to do my work.
All good things come to an end, however - and with Honeymoon booked for the next two weeks, I’ve been upgraded to a two-bedroom mansion called Wapiti. Located up on the hill (that will test my fitness, and it’s further from the saloon ... hmmmm!), this massive, sprawling and incredibly comfortable cabin has picture postcard views across to Fan Rock and down to the barn, an upstairs and downstairs balcony and a ridiculous amount of living space. 

                                        (the view from Wapiti)

“No parties,” Leah warned me when I moved in ... who me?! I don’t have parties, just intimate soirees ... bring it on!

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