Sunday, July 15, 2012

Geocaching, Part 2

For those loyal readers dying to know the result of our geocaching adventure, round 2 ... well, I’m sorry to say I didn’t get to join the girls on Friday to finish what we started. I was pretty bummed to miss out, but Leah, Mark and his daughters filled me in on what went down, which I’ll pass onto you.
The good news is, they did find one of the caches. Continuing on past where we left off on Wednesday afternoon, Leah led the ride another half hour up Schoolhouse Trail to what appeared to be a little-used campground. Following the coordinates and the clues, it took Sami about half an hour after they dismounted to find the treasure, hidden in a camouflage army tin box under a pile of logs.

                                (the team with their find)

Inside there were numerous items: a $100 AT&T phone card (probably empty!), a snake bite kit, a bungee cord, a pack of Triple A batteries and some Bandaids, amongst other junk. The most interesting aspect for Mark was the log book, which gave the full history of the cache: it had been placed in 2008, and had even been found accidentally by someone not involved in geocaching (what the experts call ‘muggles’).

                                             (the stash)

The Sanderson family left behind their own treasure - a coin with their own logo on it - as evidence they had played the game. Something for the next geocaches to ponder over...

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